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Video: First Pakistani woman to summit Everest encourages women to ‘climb their own mountains’

LA Times: red, cold, hungry and roughly 800 feet from Mt. Everest’s summit, Samina Baig had only one thought in mind: “I have to reach the top,” Baig said. “I was very clear about that.” As it is for every serious mountaineering aficionado, reaching the summit of Everest, the world’s highest mountain at 29,029 feet, […]


Is Religiosity Declining Or Simply Transforming?

Source: Huffington Post By Kira Brekke; Associate Editor, HuffPost Live The current revolution in religiosity is making faith more accessible. As studies indicate that the American public is becoming less religious, Diana Butler Bass, the author of the newly-published book Grounded, told HuffPost Live earlier this week that instead of people’s religiosity isn’t waning, it’s simply transforming. In the video […]


Video: Dawkins on Dr. Ben Carson’s creationist beliefs

Richard Dawkins, a scientist & author, wonders how GOP candidate Ben Carson, a distinguished doctor, can question evolution – the bedrock of biology. Watch the Video in CNN Fully two-thirds of seventh-day Adventists (67%), the denomination that Ben Carson belongs to, reject evolution, saying that humans have always existed in their present form. This mirrors Carson’s […]

ehram versus licona

Ehrman-Licona Debate: Can Historians Prove Jesus Rose From The Dead

In my view Prof. Bart Ehrman very satisfactorily establishes in this debate that historically we cannot prove Jesus’ resurrection. Here is a 1.5 – 2 hours debate from 2008: There are many such debates available online from leading apologists. Christian apologists offer similar arguments for resurrection and call them ‘facts,’ but, if we precisely analyze […]


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