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Pakistan map and flag.  The white is supposed to represent the minorities

Being coy doesn’t change the reality of modern Pakistan: A corrupt, politically savage and broken society

By Robert Fisk, The Independent Pakistan wilfully became an Islamic Republic and allowed religious bigotry to overwhelm its population Living in the Middle East makes you particularly hateful of political correctness. I’ve often recalled how I’m wished a “Happy Christmas” by Muslims in Beirut but am personally enraged when I’m greeted with “Happy Holiday” by […]

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Halakah: A Tool to Demystify Shariah Law in Our Politicized and Polarized World

Editor’s note: The Muslim Times is working for Secularism in every country of the world, for our extensive collection of articles on the issue please click here. Shariah Law and Halakah are of historic importance to the Muslims and the Jews respectively. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Part of a series on Judaism Movements[show] Philosophy[show] […]


Veena Malik and the modern witch-hunt of Pakistani blasphemy laws

Source: The Telegraph Pakistan’s blasphemy laws are a menace to everyone in the country; even speaking out against them now constitutes blasphemy itself It’s hard to read about the blasphemy convictions handed down to Pakistani actress Veena Malik and her husband Asad Bashir, media owner Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, and television presenter host Shaista Wahidi without a sense of […]

Denise Spellberg is an associate professor of American and Islamic history at the University of Texas at Austin.

Europe and America’s Journey from Religious Bigotry to Pluralism, A Book Review

Book Review: Thomas Jefferson’s Qur’an: Islam and the Founders Author: Denise Spellberg   Review from In this original and illuminating book, Denise A. Spellberg reveals a little-known but crucial dimension of the story of American religious freedom—a drama in which Islam played a surprising role. In 1765, eleven years before composing the Declaration of Independence, […]

There is no compulsion in religion. (Al Quran 2:25&

Sharia law in a nutshell

By Laiq Ahmed Atif, President, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malta. The Islamic law, also known as sharia law, is one of the most misunderstood subjects in the contemporary world, both by Muslims and non-Muslims. From time to time, we hear the echoes and slogans of implementation and imposition of sharia law from many corridors around the […]


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