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forgiveness in quran

Forgiving others cuts depression risk in women

Source: Business Standard The researchers found that older women who forgave others were less likely to report depressive symptoms regardless of whether they felt unforgiven by others….. The researchers said their results may help counsellors of older adults develop gender-appropriate interventions since men and women process forgiveness differently. Forgiving others “appears to help decrease levels […]


Do Demons Exist? Yet, The Office of Exorcism Exists in the Philippines’ Catholic Church Source: NPR Help Wanted: The Philippines Needs More Exorcists Alvin Bailon and his wife were at their wits’ end last September. Their 12-year-old son, an honors student, had begun having anxiety attacks, mostly about school. “And then all of a sudden he would slowly lose consciousness,” Bailon recalls. “We term it as doze off. […]

Is ‘Face–ism’ Spoiling Your Life?

Source: BBC Your face can be your fortune or your downfall – and it’s not just a question of beauty. Others may be unconsciously judging your features in ways you don’t realise, says David Robson. By David Robson 8 July 2015 Imagine you grew up with a non-identical twin. You have the same upbringing, the […]


Dale Carnegie: An Author Everyone Should Read

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Dale Harbison Carnegie Born November 24, 1888 Maryville, Missouri, United States Died November 1, 1955 (aged 66) Forest Hills, New York City Occupation Writer, lecturer Notable works How to Win Friends and Influence People Spouse Lolita Baucaire (m. 1927; div.1931) Dorothy Price Vanderpool (m. 1944; his death1955) Children Donna Dale Carnegie Signature Dale Harbison Carnegie […]


Family income affects brain anatomy, test scores – MIT study

Kids in low-income households lag behind their peers from wealthier families when it comes to standardized testing. Their brain anatomy could be a factor, with the research exposing a “cost to not living in a supportive environment.” The researchers compared students’ scores on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) with brain scans of the most […]

One Day, Scientists May Be Able To Erase Negative Memories In Your Brain While You Sleep

Source: The Huffington Post Carolyn Gregoire; What if scientists could sneak into your brain while you’re sleeping and erase painful memories — or turn them into happy ones? What sounds like something out of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” could be a reality sooner than you might expect. Of course, nobody’s saying the […]


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