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Swiss High court upholds ‘hate speech’ conviction, supporting the Muslims

Source: The Local High court upholds ‘hate speech’ conviction Switzerland’s highest court on Monday upheld the conviction of a former Swiss People’s Party (SVP) politician of racial discrimination for a tweet he sent suggesting a ‘kristallnacht’ against Muslims, reported news agency ATS. Tweeting in June 2012, Alexander Müller, then a member of the Zurich branch […]

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Historian Demolishes Idea The Quran Is More Violent Than Bible: Christians Have ‘Holy Amnesia’

  Source: AUTHOR: JAMESON PARKER To hear Fox News tell it, the Muslim faith – and therefore the 1.5 billion people who practice it – are inherently unable to integrate and live within Western society. Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson argued that point explicitly, adding that Islam is so at-odds with American values that a […]

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Individual Responsibility or Group Punishment: Destroying ISIS and Saving the Western Civilization

Written and collected by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times Donald Trump “would certainly implement” a database system tracking Muslims in the United States, the Republican front-runner told NBC News on Thursday night, in the wake of killing of 130 innocents in Paris by the terrorists of ISIS. “I would certainly implement […]


Sir Richard Branson: Blaming all Muslims for Paris attacks like ‘blaming all Americans for past actions of Ku Klux Klan’

The Virgin founder also criticised Republican governors  Source: The Independent Olivia Blair @livblair 32 comments Branson called Isis ‘a gang of murderous thugs’ Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images Sir Richard Branson has urged people not to blame the Muslim community for the Paris attacks. Writing in a blog on Virgin’s website, the entrepreneur said he was “frustrated” […]

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Thomas Jefferson Was a Muslim

BY ABBAS MILANI Source: The New Republic; April 25, 2014 Thomas Jefferson’s Qur’an: Islam and the Founders by Denise A. Spellberg In the smear campaign before the election for the presidency of the United States, one candidate was accused by his opponents of being a closet Muslim. Some Christians “viewed all Muslims as agents of […]

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Does ISIS really have nothing to do with Islam? Islamic apologetics carry serious risks.

Source: The Washington post Every time the Islamic State commits yet another attack or atrocity, Muslims, particularly Western Muslims, shudder. Attacks like the ones in Paris mean another round of demands that Muslims condemn the acts, as if we should presume guilt, or perhaps some indirect taint. The impulse to separate Islam from the sins […]

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Anti-Muslim hate crime to be treated as seriously as anti-Semitism – David Cameron

Source:; Originally collected by Dr. Amtul Qadoos Farhat for the Muslim Times, dated October, 2015 Prime Minister David Cameron will tell police forces in England and Wales to record anti-Muslim hate crimes separately and treat them as seriously as anti-Semitic attacks. The move comes amid rising incidents of Islamophobia. New funding to boost security […]

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Obama calls idea of screening Syrian refugees based on religion ‘shameful,’

The Washington Post Speaking to reporters in Antalya, Turkey, on Monday, President Obama said his approach to countering the so-called Islamic State “is the strategy that ultimately is going to work” but that the terrorist network still can exact serious damage worldwide. “But understand that one of the challenges we have in this situation is […]

Thousands Use #MuslimsAreNotTerrorist To Combat Islamophobia

Source: Huffington Post By Daniel Marans; Reporter, The Huffington Post Champions of religious pluralism around the world used #MuslimsAreNotTerrorist to refute the idea that Friday’s attacks in Paris reflect the views of most Muslims or mainstream interpretations of the Islamic faith. The hashtag was trending on Twitter on Saturday, with more than 267,000 mentions. Many of the tweets […]


Sorry, Islamophobes: Your Anti-Muslim Rallies Ended Up Inspiring Acts Of Love And Service

Source: Huffington Post A loosely affiliated group of armed protestors organized anti-Muslim hate rallies across the country on Friday and Saturday. But instead of dividing the communities they targeted, news about the rallies strengthened bonds between interfaith allies and inspired numerous acts of community service around the U.S. Grassroots organizers behind the so-called “Global Rally For Humanity” used Facebook to […]


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