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Does religion give rise to violence — or the other way around? (COMMENTARY)

Source: Religion News Service By James Bernard Murphy A professor of government at Dartmouth College and has just completed a book manuscript titled “A Genealogy of Violence: Rene Girard in Dialogue.” It’s often argued that religion gives rise to violence. But what if it were really the other way around? What if violence actually gave rise […]


Why the Latest Study Showing ‘Religious’ Children are Less Moral is Just Bad Science

Source: Huffington Post Word is out. Belief in God will make your children less moral people, so say researchers from the University of Chicago. It’s hit the news too, and looking at the comments sections, boy, those un-judgmental atheists are really showing how humble they can be. 1,151 children aged 5-12 participated, from USA, Canada, […]

Diwali fireworks at golden temple, Amritsar, India

Happy Diwali to all our Hindu readers and what is the Muslim Times doing for you

Epigraph: So go on reminding; surely, reminding is profitable. (Al Quran 87:10) By Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor Happy and a prosperous Diwali to all our Hindu, Sikh and Jain readers, from the whole of our Editorial Team. Suggested reading: Diwali: The Threshold Light in the Midst of Darkness. The Muslim Times is promoting universal brotherhood and […]

A very happy Diwali to our Hindu, Sikh and Jain readers

What is Diwali and what are the best ways to celebrate the 2015 festival in the UK tonight?

Source: The Telegraph Hindus celebrate the ‘festival of lights’ this week, with Diwali Day on November 11. We look at the story behind the celebration, and the UK’s best events What is Diwali? Millions of Hindus and Jains – followers of an ancient Indian religion that shares concepts with Hinduism and Buddhism – celebrate every […]

Study Shows Non-Religious Kids Are More Altruistic and Generous Than Religious Ones

Source: Time A new study published by Current Biology (hat tip: OregonLive) explores the degree to which religion is linked to children’s generosity to strangers. “While it is generally accepted that religion contours people’s moral judgments and prosocial behavior, the relation between religiosity and morality is a contentious one,” researchers stated. The conclusions reached in […]


Respecting religious freedom has become more complex, Tim Wilson says

Source: The Guardian The Coalition-appointed human rights commissioner, Tim Wilson, says the challenge of respecting religious freedom is becoming more complex, but that preserving religious freedom in a pluralistic multi-faith society is critical. Speaking ahead of an inaugural round table on religious freedom in Sydney on Thursday, Wilson said protecting religious freedom was critical to […]


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