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Pakistan and USA

Drones at Issue as U.S. Rebuilds Ties to Pakistan

NewYork Times; By DECLAN WALSH: Making up is never easy. But as Pakistan and the United States try to restart their troubled relationship after a year of spectacular crises, the difference could come down to drones. For the Obama administration, facing a faltering war effort and increasingly distrustful allies in Afghanistan, the covertC.I.A. drone strike campaign centered on […]

تمام مزہب ایک انسان کو دوسرے انسان سے نفرت کی نہیں باہمی محبت کی تلقین کرتے ہیں

قادیان میں جماعت احمدیہ کے ١٢٠ ویں سالانہ اجلاس سے مختلف پیشوایان مذاہب کا خطاب Read more: Editor’s note: Sorry English translation is not available, try Google translator or some other software.  This news is about various speakers from different religions, emphasizing that all religions teach mutual love among humanity, in the annual gathering of […]

Eyeing 2012, White House Presses Europe on Debt: At Stake, Obama’s Re-election

NY Times: By HELENE COOPER and ANNIE LOWERY. Publicly, Obama administration officials talk only about the economic consequences of a potential debt conflagration in Europe. Privately, though, they are well aware that Europe’s success in dealing with the troubles — and the administration’s success in persuading them to do so — is arguably the single […]

Psychiatric evaluation finds Norwegian killer was insane during massacre

By Associated Press, Updated: Tuesday, November 29, 8:59 PM OSLO, Norway — Confessed mass killer Anders Behring Breivik was insane when he killed 77 people in a bomb and shooting rampage in Norway, and should be sent to a psychiatric ward instead of prison, prosecutors said Tuesday. A psychiatric evaluation ordered by an Oslo court found that Breivik was […]

Major attack would damage Pakistan alliance: Another warning to Pakistan

  ISLAMABAD: Another major attack on American interests in Afghanistan by Pakistan-based militant groups would greatly damage the alliance with Islamabad, a senior US official said Tuesday.   The official was voicing Washington’s frustrations with Pakistan and its failure to tackle safe havens in its territory that militant groups such as the Haqqani network use to launch attacks against NATO forces […]

Sign of Crisis- Higher Food Inflation-

    The folks at the USDA released their projections for 2011/2012-food price inflation. The bad news is that feeding ourselves will cost ~4% more in 2011. The good news is that USDA thinks prices will rise only ~2.5% next year. Read more:


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