The Journey: Syrian refugee Hashem Alsouki risks his life crossing the Mediterranean, his sights set on Sweden – and freedom for his family

Patrick Kingsley    Migration correspondent  THE GUARDIAN 9 June 2015 In the darkness far out to sea, Hashem Alsouki can’t see his neighbours but he can hear them scream. It’s partly his fault. They are two African women – perhaps from Somalia, but now is not the time to ask – […]

Immigration Drives a Deeper Wedge Between EU States

Source:Stratfor: The European Union is once again struggling to come up with a coherent asylum strategy for its 28 members. In recent years, the rising number of asylum seekers entering the European Union through countries such as Italy and Greece has generated friction among member states, fueled criticism of the Schengen […]

The European dilemma

ABDULATEEF AL-MULHIM Published — Thursday 23 April 2015 Last update 22 April 2015 11:42 pm Ask any African why is he in Europe. His reply would be: The Africans are in Europe because the Europeans were in Africa. Nowadays we learn about one tragic incident after another involving Africans desperately […]


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