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We need the Church of England more than ever. That’s why we need it to die

Guardian: It takes something special to unite Richard Dawkins, Giles Fraser, David Cameron and the archbishop of Canterbury in a common cause, but that’s what Britain’s three biggest cinema chains have accomplished. Their refusal to screen an advert for prayer has provoked scorn and damnation – or, in more Anglican terms, “disappointment”. Yet, strange as […]


UK: ‘We can’t defeat ISIS unless we work together’: Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Leader

Source: south London Muslim youth leader has criticised the British press for not giving enough airtime to moderate Muslims countering the message of ISIS. Following the attacks in Paris last week there has been speculation about potential British military action in Syria and Iraq. However the general secretary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association, Farooq […]

Cameron Is Treading a Fine Line – Britain is Dangerously Close to the Bloodiest War of Our Lifetime

Source: Huffington Post By Ben Wood; Labour Party Activist It is increasingly likely that parliament will vote in the coming weeks to give Cameron a mandate for intervention in Syria – if they choose to, MPs will be giving an extraordinary mandate to a man that fails to see the consequences of his actions. If […]


UK: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Tooting organizes 1st Peace Conference – A Report

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Tooting Condemns the Paris terror attack and similar in Bamako, the event in Tooting Leisure Centre Hall which was themed “Peace” had been organised to share the thoughts of religious believes on peace and to tackle extremism. 1st Peace Conference Of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Tooting Chapter was organized on 22nd Nov 2015 […]

Siobhain McDonagh MP addressed the women on Saturday

UK: Multi-faith peace gathering of women in Baitul Futuh Mosque of Morden

Source: Hundreds of women have joined together at the Baitul Futuh Mosque to discuss the aim to “nurture today, protect tomorrow”. More than 300 people attended the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women Association’s 7th Annual Peace Symposium on Saturday, November 21, to talk about inspiring and guiding young people and the importance of women’s education. The day […]

Mr Aftab said he wants to see children pledging allegiance to he UK

UK: Ahmadi Muslim lawyer calls for children to pledge allegiance to Britain in schools

Source: A Muslim human rights lawyer has said British followers of Islam can do more to tackle the threat of ISIS and has called for children to pledge allegiance to Britain in schools. Writing for the Sunday Mirror, Farooq Aftab said young British Muslims, along with other children, should have loyalty “ingrained” during assemblies. Mr […]

Prime Minister David Cameron walking with French President Francois Hollande

Whoa there, David Cameron! Haste and rhetoric is no recipe for peace

Source: Independent By Robert Fisk @indyvoices Reactions to Paris and Mali have been militaristic rhetoric brought about by ignorance and refusal to understand the injustices of the Middle East Eisenhower famously sent some brusque advice to Anthony Eden in 1956 when he decided that Britain’s deceitful war in Egypt should come to an end. “Whoa, boy!” were […]

Cameron edges closer to Syria airstrikes as support grows on both sides of Commons

PM will not set date until he is sure he can win vote, but UN’s Isis declaration has swayed influential MPs Children in Douma, a rebel-held town near Damascus. Photograph: Bassam Khabieh/Reuters Toby Helm Sunday 22 November 2015 After the Iraq conflict and British intervention in Afghanistan, it was never going to be easy. But […]


UK: British minority Muslim community #Prays for Paris

Source: London (AFP) – Britain’s Ahmadiyya Muslim community on Friday held a “Prayers for Paris” interfaith event at their grand mosque in south London, the giant building still scorched from a suspected arson attack two months ago.  The small community has more to fear from extremism than most — the Ahmadiyya sect is denounced as […]


How The UK Is Strengthening Interfaith Bonds After Paris Attacks

Source: Huffington Post By Carol Kuruvilla; Religion Associate Editor, The Huffington Post Inter Faith Week has been celebrated in the UK since 2009. But this year, the terrorist attacks that gripped Paris last Friday gave the campaign a sense of urgency. More than 350 interfaith events have taken place in England, Northern Ireland and Wales through Saturday, […]

Glasgow’s Muslim community honours the victims of Paris terrorist attacks

Scotland: Glasgow’s Muslim community honours the victims of Paris terrorist attacks

Source: “The atrocity in France was a crime against humanity” – Abdul G. Abid DL, President Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Scotland One week on from the terrible attacks in Paris, members of the Muslim community of Glasgow will meet in their Scotland headquarters, Baitur Rahman mosque complex, in Glasgow’s west end today (Friday, November 20), for a […]


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