Saudi Arabia

Fighting extremism through education

ABDULRAHMAN AL-RASHED Published — Tuesday 9 February 2016 To try and sum up the causes of extremism in one word will ultimately lead to a vast generalization. But the main reason behind the cause of extremism is the educational curricula, because this lays the foundations that shape one’s thoughts. So […]

Houthis, Saudis and jihadis

Yemen Houthis, Saudis and jihadis The three-way war in Yemen is not going well IF EVER a war caused pointless death and destruction, it is the one in Yemen. The Houthis, a rebel force, ousted the government from Sana’a, the capital, earlier this year but are nowhere near their aim […]

Nothing to do with Islam

ARAB NEWS Published — Monday 1 February 2016 Beyond any shadow of doubt, Daesh and its likes have nothing to do with Islam. All the actions of these terrorist organizations are in sharp contrast with the true teachings of Islam and Sunnah. It seems that Daesh is just a puppet […]


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