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Newsweek: PAKISTAN’S AHMADIS FACE PERSECUTION, THREATS FROM LOCAL MOBS AND THE STATE. “Are these the people with bullets who took my papa away?” two-year-old Sabiha Ahmad asked her mother anxiously when AFP visited her family, members of Pakistan’s persecuted Ahmadi minority, who are currently living in hiding. The toddler’s family has had little contact with […]


Pakistan: UET Lahore’s secret policy prohibits hiring of Ahmadis | Rabwah Times

Source: An American University Professor has exposed a Pakistani University’s secret hiring policy that prohibits hiring of Ahmadiyya Muslims. The professor is a member of an external committee that reviews applications of faculty candidates at Pakistani Universities. In a recent blog post, a King Edward Medical University graduate, Abbis Haider detailed how the engineering professor called him to […]

The pariahs of Pakistan

By Farrukh Khan Pitafi Published: November 27, 2015 The writer is an Islamabad-based TV journalist and tweets @FarrukhKPitafi Ishtiaq Ahmed, author of hundreds of children’s books, died this month. What struck me after hearing the news was the sheer number of admirers I came across on social media that day, some of them hyper-conservative and […]

The unmistakable hypocrisy: Pakistan’s double standard with Ahmadi Muslims

Daily Times: November 23, 2015: New Delhi, India; Ramnath Goenka Express Excellence in Journalism Awards; Aamir Khan in conversation with Anant Goeka, Indian Express. As the outrage over the Indian superstar’s alleged ‘disloyalty’ and ‘ingratitude’ to his motherland, and his ‘intolerable’ audacity to speak up about the “growing intolerance” in India snowballed into ugliness on […]

A Christian Television Station set on fire in Pakistan

  Karachi: November 25, 2015. (PCP) A Pakistani Christian Television Channel named “Gawahi” was set on fire by some masked men destroying studios, computers, Bibles, cable network equipment and furniture on night of November 24, 2015. The Gawahi Television was broadcasting Bible teachings, Hymns, Sermons and Christian youth evangelism attracting millions of viewers on which […]


Pakistan: LEAs captured more than 40 suspects of Jhelum incident

Source: | JHELUM: Police have arrested up to 35 people over riots in the Jhelum, which reportedly forced members of the Ahmadi community to flee their homes, authorities said Tuesday. The unrest began Friday when an angry mob in the city torched a factory after one of its employees, a member of the Ahmadi sect, was accused […]

Riots in Jhelum

Source: ET There is no member of any religious minority in Pakistan that can sleep safe in their beds. The virulent intolerance displayed against minorities has left two groups particularly vulnerable to attack and discrimination — Christians and the Ahmadis. The latter have the added disadvantage of discriminatory practices being institutionalised constitutionally. Their places of […]

Sikhs celebrate birth anniversary of Sri Guru Nanak

Pakistani HC issues visas to 2,850 Sikhs ahead of Guru Nanak’s birth anniversary

Source: Lahore: Pakistani High Commission (HC) has issued visas to 2,850 Sikhs to participate in birth anniversary of Sri Guru Nanak. Spokesperson for the commission said that visas have been issued to almost all applicants without any delay. The visas grant Sikhs nine days in Pakistan from November 20 to November 29. Earlier in the […]

Angry mob torches Ahmadiyya factory, worship place in Jhelum over rumored 'blasphemy'

Video: Mob attacks Ahmadi Muslims in Jhelum, Pakistan

Source: Thousands converge on chip-board factory and residential area owned by Ahmadi Muslims. An extremist mob numbering thousands attempted to murder Ahmadi Muslims at a chip-board factory in Jhelum, Pakistan, on Friday. The violence then spread to the nearby town of Kala Gojran, where a second set of rioters ransacked the Ahmadiyya mosque Bait ul […]


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