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Ahmadiyya Muslim Community on the World Wide Web

Source: | ONLINE NETWORK Al Islam (International) Countries in Africa Mauritius (English) Tanzania (Swahili) Countries in Asia Bangladesh China India India (Gurmukhi, Punjabi) India (Malayalam) India (Tamil) Indonesia Japan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Iran Pakistan Russia Saudi Arabia Turkey Uzbekistan Countries in Europe Albania Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria France Germany Greece Iceland Italy Kosovo Malta Netherlands Norway Poland […]

NAFTA and the Future of Canada, Mexico and the United States | Stratfor

Geopolitical Weekly Tuesday, January 7, 2014 Stratfor By Marc Lanthemann The 20th anniversary of NAFTA’s implementation on Jan. 1 has revived some of the perennial arguments that have surrounded the bloc since its inception. The general consensus has been that the trade deal was a mixed bag, a generally positive yet disappointing economic experiment. That […]


Slim pickings

Story Summary The news that Carlos Slim, one of the richest people on the planet, is focusing efforts on investing some of his vast fortune in Israel should come as no surprise to anyone from Slim’s ancestral homeland, Lebanon. Slim revealed his intentions in the context of an official visit this week by Israeli President […]

Cinco de Mayo

Why Cinco de Mayo?

A Muslim Times’ original Op-Ed By Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson America is a nation of immigrants. That is one of the principle reasons that we have been able to develop a society that is envied and emulated the world over. The only people who can trace their roots to American soil are Native Americans. All […]


Canadians flocking to Mexico despite deadly drug war

Source: National Post …Canadians aren’t afraid of Mexico, despite hand-wringing over the questionably safety of the country that’s embroiled in a drug conflict. If anything, tourism is growing. Travelers continue to enter the country in droves, with 1.6 million Canadians visiting Mexico in 2010. Roughly one million went in 2009. Still, the sun-soaked nation is […]


Quetzal birds tripled in number in Mexico after 25 years of Conservation efforts

Source: Over the last 25 years, Mexico’s conservation efforts have brought the quetzal back from the brink of extinction, tripling its numbers according to Mexican Environment Secretariat, Juan Rafael Elvira Quesada.  The quetzal is a green medium-size bird with iridescent plumage on its back, chest, head and wing coverts. It is now possible “to see a greater […]

San Cristobal de las Casas

Source: Mexico Today San Cristobal de las Casas is a scenic, well-restored colonial town in the mountains of Chiapas. Hippies from the US, Argentina, and all points in between line the streets selling jewelry and exchanging greetings with traditionally dressed Mayan women selling fruit and their own handicrafts. Its center can be seen in half […]


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