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Contact Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in South America

South America Suriname > Paramaribo AHMADIYYA MUSLIM ASSOCIATION Address: Epraimszegenweg 67 P. O. Box 2106, Paramaribo, Suriname Phone: Fax: E-mail: ================================= Bolivia > SANTA CRUZ la Sierra MOVIMIENTO AHMADIA DEL ISLAM Address: Oficina Centro. Casilla Postal: 4802 SANTA CRUZ la Sierra, Bolivia Phone: +591-3-351-9247 Fax: E-mail:; ================================= Brazil > Petropolis Associacao Ahmadia Do Islam […]

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community on the World Wide Web

Source: | ONLINE NETWORK Al Islam (International) Countries in Africa Mauritius (English) Tanzania (Swahili) Countries in Asia Bangladesh China India India (Gurmukhi, Punjabi) India (Malayalam) India (Tamil) Indonesia Japan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Iran Pakistan Russia Saudi Arabia Turkey Uzbekistan Countries in Europe Albania Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria France Germany Greece Iceland Italy Kosovo Malta Netherlands Norway Poland […]

The suspicious timing. The MH17 tragedy happened two days after the BRICS announced an antidote to the IMF and the World Bank, bypassing the US dollar

Source: Asia Times: And then there’s the suspicious timing. The MH17 tragedy happened two days after the BRICS announced an antidote to the IMF and the World Bank, bypassing the US dollar. And just as Israel “cautiously” advances its new invasion/slow motion ethnic cleansing of Gaza. Malaysia, by the way, is the seat of the […]

Will Fasting for Ramadan Hurt the Performance of Muslim Players in the World Cup?

The World Cup’s knockout stage is set to begin on Saturday just as millions of Muslims prepare to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, an observance commemorating the initial revelations of the Quran to Muhammad. Religious doctrine requires that practicing Muslims fast from dawn until sunset. Could star Muslim players like France’s Karim Benzema hobble their performance […]

Pope Francis Promises Not To Pray For Argentina In World Cup

Huffington Post Posted: 06/14/2014 12:09 pm EDT Updated: 06/14/2014 12:59 pm EDT Print Article VATICAN CITY (AP) — He recently renewed his Argentine passport and remains an official card-carrying member of his favorite Buenos Aires football club. But Pope Francis has pledged absolute neutrality for the World Cup. Francis recalled during an interview published Friday […]


Muslim Players in Brazil World Cup

Source: The Muslim Village The Brazil 2014 World Cup kicked off earlier this week with an abundance of Muslim players dotting the football landscape. Being an integral part of football, Muslim players starring in their different teams from across the globe in the month-long tournament are expected to draw much attention of spectators with special […]


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