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Bangladesh: Ahmadiyya convention ends

City Desk      The Daily Star The three-day 92nd annual convention of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, Bangladesh ended peacefully at its National Headquarters in the capital’s Bakshibazar yesterday with a message of serving people irrespective of religion, race or creed. The concluding address was delivered by Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the […]

Rights Group Urges Govt. to Protect Ahmadis in Bangka, Indonesia

Jakarta. A rights group has urged the Indonesian government to take firm action against local authorities in the Bangka district of Bangka-Belitung Islands province to stop the expulsion of the Ahmadiyah religious minority, and to protect its members. The local government on Bangka Island is currently expelling members of the community, after it issued a Jan. 5 […]


Saturday, 30 January 2016 | Ashok Malik | Farahnaz Ispahani in her book, Purifying the Land of the Pure: Pakistan’s Religious Minorities, bravely records not just the near-annihilation of religious minorities in Pakistan, but also the intensifying sectarian conflict Farahnaz Ispahani’s recent book, Purifying the Land of the Pure: Pakistan’s […]

Can Humanism replace Religion?

religionandotherthings.wordpress.com:  Can Humanism replace Religion? Today religion is often seen as a source of conflict and intolerance in the world with calls to do away with the theistic philosophies altogether and replace them with the so-called secular or humanist principles. So is it finally time to rid ourselves of religion? Or […]

Jihad of the Pen

Source: Alislam.org Many take up the pen, but few are granted the spirit to conduct the Jihad in the most acceptable manner. Many wish to take up the pen, but their incorrect beliefs and lack of knowledge prevent them from doing so, and thus they drop back into a state […]


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