1. The Muslim Times has an Editorial policy, but, the views expressed by different Editors and Commentors belong to them only or the authors they are quoting and the Muslim Times takes no responsibility for the views expressed.

2. The Muslim Times is not the official website of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. The official site is: Alislam.org

3. Internet communications are not always secured and therefore the Muslim Times does not accept legal responsibility for any contents. The reader is responsible for verifying its authenticity before acting on the contents.

4. We, in the Muslim Times, do not necessarily fully endorse all the articles that we are presenting here. Sometimes, we just like to inform the readers of the different opinions ‘out there.’

5.  Some content-posts are archived for backup and to keep archived records of any news about Islam, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Universal Brotherhood, human rights and Separation of Mosque-Church and State.

16 Comments on “Disclaimers”

  1. Rizwan
    July 27, 2011 at 5:16 pm #

    Hello and Peace of Allah be on You,

    My name is Rizwan Rabbani and I currently reside in Canada. By the grace of ALLAH in the past few months we have’d 19 articles published in local newspapers on our Tableeghi efforts (Quran Exhibitions) but I cant seem to find them on this website, I was in Uk for the Jalsa and I was told by Respected Hiba tul Rehman sahib to browse this website, It is indeed a good website, If you can provide me with the email, i would love to forward you all the links from past and the articles that will be coming up in the near future as well,

    Thank you,

    In ALLAH’s trust and care,

    Rizwan Rabbani.


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