Neighbors pay for Algerian’s Umrah


Abu Obaida Seede Ahmed

Abu Obaida Seede Ahmed

The holy month of Ramadan is not only a month of fasting and feasting but also one of miracles.

“If it wasn’t for my neighbors and friends, I wouldn’t have been able to perform Umrah in Ramadan,” 27-year-old Algerian pilgrim Abu Obaida Seede Ahmed told Arab News.

Seede Ahmed expressed his happiness at visiting the purest spot in the world, the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah.
It was the first time for Seede Ahmed to perform Umrah in Ramadan, a childhood dream which had come true with the help of his neighbors in Algeria.

A weekly meeting by the neighborhood’s committee that discusses the residents’ problems and needs resulted in providing Seedi Ahmed the chance to perform Umrah and visit the Prophet’s mosque. “One of the neighbors who knew about my dream to perform Umrah and visit Madinah suggested that the neighborhood pay for it,” Seede Ahmed told Arab News.

Twenty-thousand Algerian dinars (around SR7,000) were collected from the neighborhood in less than an hour to make Seede Ahmed’s dream become a reality. The gift that was presented to Ahmed in a sealed envelope brought him to tears.

“I thanked them and prayed for them at the mosque,” he said with a smile on his face.



One Comment on “Neighbors pay for Algerian’s Umrah”

  1. Rafiq A. Tschannen
    July 7, 2014 at 1:03 am #

    When I used to work in Nigeria our Nigerian Director and Shareholder used to take up to 40 poorer Nigerians with him to Hajj (on his private plane). May Allah reward him greatly.

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