Britain should learn from Asian and African immigrants about caring for elderly, says minister

Daily Telegraph: Families should follow the example of Asian and African immigrants and take greater responsibility for their elderly relations instead of “forcing” them into care homes, a minister has said.

Simon Hughes, the Liberal Democrat justice minister, said that too many elderly people were being “neglected” by their families and endure a “much less happy ending” to their lives than they should.

He told The Telegraph that people in Britain had lost a sense of “obligation” to care for loved ones and should look to “immigrant cultures” which understand the importance of “sacrifices” and a responsibility to “look after your family to the end”.

Last year a study suggested that 800,000 elderly people in England were chronically lonely, while 5 million have only the television as their main form of company. There are also growing concerns that Britain is facing a care crisis as the number of people aged over 75 is forecast to rise from 4.2 million to more than 6.3 million within the next 20 years.


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