Archive | April 24, 2014

Britain should learn from Asian and African immigrants about caring for elderly, says minister

Daily Telegraph: Families should follow the example of Asian and African immigrants and take greater responsibility for their elderly relations instead of “forcing” them into care homes, a minister has said. Simon Hughes, the Liberal Democrat justice minister, said that too many elderly people were being “neglected” by their families and endure a “much less […]

Japan: The Land without Muslims

Jewish Press: There are countries in the world, mainly in Europe, that are presently undergoing significant cultural transformations as a result of Muslim immigration. France, Germany, Belgium and Holland are interesting examples of cases where immigration from Muslim countries, together with the Muslims’ high fertility rate, effects every area of life. It is interesting to […]

Iran’s divorce rate rising

TEHRAN: More than one in five marriages in Iran ended in divorce last year — despite the government’s push for more couples to wed and have children to reverse slowing population growth. The annual figures published Tuesday also showed fewer people were getting married and the statistics coincide with rising concern about family breakdown in […]


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