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Why the Israeli-Palestinian talks fail

BY RAMI G. KHOURI Patient, serious diplomacy appears to be bearing fruit in many places simultaneously this week, except in the Israel-Palestine talks that have gone on for two decades since the 1993 Oslo peace accords. It is worth exploring why this is so. Two agreements announced Thursday comprised an American-Russian-Ukrainian-European Union understanding on how to […]

Repentance provides relief to the heart

One of the primary distinguishing features between unbelievers and believers is that believers frequently perform the religious obligation of repentance; since unbelievers try to regard themselves as free of sin, they feel no need to repent. Believers, on the other hand, are unwilling to commit any sin that will displease Allah. However, man, by nature, […]


Makkah authorities brace for increased number of pilgrims

Makkah is bracing for the increased number of visitors and pilgrims in the holy month of Ramadan. Authorities including the Presidency of the Grand Mosque and Prophet’s Mosque, the Civil Defense, the Police Department, the Makkah Municipality, the Haj and Health ministries have begun strategic planning in their preparations to facilitate the visitors. There is expected […]

How the world gets drunk: Women who booze in Muslim-majority countries drink harder than American women

Global Post: BANGKOK — The Irish and Russians have long suffered under the stereotype that their men drink excessively. And they do. Health experts insist men should enjoy no more than two drinks per day. The average male Irish drinker has four. Russian guys? More than five. But World Health Organization stats show that these aren’t […]

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Is Easter ‘Happy’?

Huff Post: ‘Happy Easter!’ You hear it everywhere, in malls, in streets, and in churches. But is the Christian celebration of Easter really a happy occasion? Easter is profoundly misunderstood as “Happy” unless we understand the entire drama of resistance to suffering and death, and the shocking cost of that resistance, that Easter entails. Encountering […]

The Daily Quranic Lesson: And fix your attention aright at every time and place of worship

99. And fix your attention aright at every time and place of worship  [7:30] Say, ‘My Lord has enjoined justice. And fix your attention aright at every time and place of worship, and call upon Him, making yourselves sincere towards Him in religion. As He brought you into being, so shall you return.’ [10:106] “And I have also been commanded to say: ‘Set […]


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