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The Doubt Essential to Faith

Source: Ted Talks When Lesley Hazleton was writing a biography of Muhammad, she was struck by something: The night he received the revelation of the Koran, according to early accounts, his first reaction was doubt, awe, even fear. And yet this experience became the bedrock of his belief. Hazleton calls for a new appreciation of […]


Thrust for ‘Arabic’ science urged

Source: TheGulfToday DUBAI: An Iraqi born British physicist, Prof. Jim Al-Khalili, has called for rejuvenation of science advancement in the Arab and Muslim world by building infrastructures and changing attitude that science does not contradict religious beliefs. He said the region used to be the cradle for invention. Al-Khalili was discussing on Friday his book […]

Secret US Senate report details CIA abuse

Source: BBC Related Stories CIA interrogation techniques exposedWatch CIA ‘searched US Senate computers’ CIA probes Senate staff monitoring The CIA repeatedly misled the US government over the severity and effectiveness of its interrogation methods, the Washington Post reports. A long-awaited US Senate report said that the CIA used secret “black sites” to interrogate prisoners using techniques […]


Muslims for peace: A week of interfaith, peace and forgiveness in Muncie, IN

Source: By Rick Yencer MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS) – Muzaffer Ahmad from Indianapolis talked about peace and interfaith by Islam last week during a  Muslims for peace event. And Auschwitz survivor Eva Kor of Terre Haute will continue the message of forgiveness and hope during a talk on Thursday. It is all part of a growing peace movement pushed by […]

A Christian is beaten by Pakistani police. (Photo © Reuters)

Canada Demands That Pakistan Address the Persecution of Hindus, Christians and Ahmadis

Source: | by Tahir Gora  The Pakistani Consul-General in Toronto, Muhammad Nafees Zakaria, was not happy when he had to listen to Canadian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Chris Alexander. The Minister’s message was clear: Pakistan must address its human rights violations and mistreatment of minorities such as Hindus, Christians and Ahmadis. Alexander was speaking to the […]

Pakistan: Love withers in land of love

Source: Tuesday, April 01, 2014 – Recent attacks on Hindu temples and killings of Ahmadis in interior Sindh must ring bells for Sindhi nationalists. The Province which has so far been a peaceful part of Pakistan for minorities, is now slowly falling into the hands exclusivists. Sindh has been known for its inclusive, humanistic religious social traditions, […]

East London and West Essex Guardian Series_Rafiq Ahmed Hayat delivering his key note speech

UK: Ahmadiyya Muslim Association hosts international Peace Symposium in Theydon Bois Village Hall

Source: An international Muslim group, which runs the largest mosque in London, has celebrated its centenary year in the UK at an event in Theydon Bois. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, which aims to promote a positive image of Islam, held the event at Theydon Bois Village Hall on Saturday. Ahmadiyya Muslims vary from mainstream Islamic […]

Narendra Modi

‘Anyone but Modi’: many Indian Muslims fear the worst

Source: By ADAM PLOWRIGHT and ANNIE BANERJI AYODHYA: Some recoil at his name, while others still refuse to acknowledge his popularity. India’s Muslims have watched the rise of election front-runner Narendra Modi anxiously and are now united in their wariness. Many of the worshippers at the Jama Masjid Terhi Bazaar mosque in Ayodhya, a kilometre from India’s […]


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