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Understanding Why Americans Seem More Religious Than Other Western Powers

Huff Post: This article first appeared in Sacred Matters housed at Emory University. Many Western Europeans think of Americans as hopelessly, bafflingly, and dangerously, religious. Many Americans think of Western Europeans as distressingly, inexplicably, and unrelentingly, secular. In 2009, the German sociologist Hans Joas observed that “it is widely accepted that the United States is far more […]


Islam Second Largest Religion in Italy —  (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) –  Members of the Italian Muslim community have come together to discuss problems facing the religious minority, highlighting Muslim contributions to the Italian economy and complaining about lack of official status for the second largest religious group in the country. Figures from the national statistics agency “Istat tell us that there are […]


Bilawal slams efforts of pushing Pakistan back to ‘stone-age’

Credit: TheExpressTribune THATTA: Patron in chief of Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari on Saturday accused the Taliban of trying to drag the Pakistan back to the “stone-age.” Addressing a gathering in Makli Stadium during the closing ceremony of a two-week cultural festival in Sindh, Bilawal urged the country to rise up against threats. “The Taliban want to impose the […]

Inside story of govt-TTP talks

Source: The International News By Hamid Mir Saturday, February 15, 2014 ISLAMABAD: It was for the first time that a Taliban leader participated in the government-TTP negotiations on Friday through a phone call and promised that the Taliban will seriously consider a ceasefire. But sources in the government committee fear that enemies of Pakistan will try […]

Mediator Brahimi apologises to the Syrian people after negotiations end with impasse on issue of political transition.

SOURCE: A Syrian activist group says the death toll in Syria’s three-year-old civil war has reached 140,000 [Reuters] Syria’s government and opposition have agreed on an agenda for a third round of peace talks in Geneva, but there has been no date set for the resumption of negotiations, and little progress upon the […]

Img Src: Ahmadiyya Times Blog

USA: The Black’s History Month event at Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque

Source: | ADNAN AHMED | Imam Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Pittsburgh | Wilkinsburg February is the Black’s History Month. This month provides us an opportunity to recognize the contribution of black Americans to American history. We should appreciate their role in making America what it is today. As a Muslim imam, I reflect on Prophet Muhammad’s teaching, “One who is […]

Keighley News: Members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community gather, above, to plant trees near the Braithwaite estate

Keighley: Ahmadiyya Youngsters branching out with planting trees

Source: Members of Keighley’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association and Forest of Bradford volunteers exploited a break in the bad weather to plant hundreds of new trees. Helped by adult supervisors, some 35 children – including a few from as far afield as Newcastle – got together to plant 1,300 saplings on former allotment land at […]

Power struggles in Muslim States: Prayer – need of the hour.

Source: | by A. Abdul Aziz A number of Muslim states are facing varying degrees of insurgencies and violent attacks against state institutions, officials and ordinary people. The leading examples are Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Bahrain, Yemen and Somalia. The Iraq government faces a militant challenge in Ambar Province where extremist and al Qaeda-type groups have recently […]


Indonesia: New CSW report warns of growing religious intolerance

Source: CSW’s new report on Indonesia, which will be launched on 25 February in the UK Parliament, warns that ‘Religious intolerance is no longer confined to areas such as West Java and Aceh, known to be particularly conservative, nor is it confined to Christians and Ahmadis. Shi’a Muslims, Sufi Muslims, Confucians, Buddhists, Hindus, Baha’is, Jews, […]


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