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WikiLeaks: Saudi-Financed Madrassas More Widespread in Pakistan Than Thought

WikiLeaks: Saudi-Financed Madrassas More Widespread in Pakistan Than Thought Islamabad’s inaction on extremism is a recurring theme in many of the WikiLeaked cables emanating from the U.S. embassy in Pakistan. By Michael Busch, May 26, 2011. Share Print We’re honored to have Michael Busch dissecting the latest WikiLeaks document dump for Focal Points. This is the fifty-sixth […]

Canada: Ahmadiyya Student Association holds open house to give a better understanding of Islam & Qur’an

Source: Ahmadiyya Student Association at NAIT held an open house on Thursday to give fellow students a better understanding of Islam. Taha Syed, missionary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Edmonton, said people may be surprised to learn how much of the ancient text is relevant to today. [Please click the source to watch video […]


Robert Fisk: If only Tony Blair could grasp the truth about Field Marshal Sisi Do the British people love Blair? Do they eat Blair chocolates and wear Blair pyjamas?

by Robert Fisk, The Independent It was, of course, utterly inevitable that Tony Blair would back Egypt’s new authoritarian leaders. After all, can you imagine Blair – our very own Lord Blair of Kut al-Amara – stepping forth to offer his courageous, unstinting support to a democratically elected President overthrown in a military coup d’état? […]

Keynote Speaker Pervez Hoodbhoy

Report: International Conference on Marginalization & Persecution of Minorities in South Asia

Source: JANUARY 25, 2014 AT SOUTHERN METHODIST UNIVERSITY, DALLAS Conference on persecution of minorities calls for international pressures on South Asian governments to stop violence against religious minorities “Apologists for militants should stop their rhetoric spreading intolerance” – Pervez Hoodbhoy Member of the UN Advisory Board for Nuclear Disarmament Matters and renowned Pakistani scholar Pervez Hoodbhoy […]


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