Archive | December 5, 2011
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Moderate Muslims support Yasmin Church against the fundamentalists in Indonesia

The controversy over the construction of a Protestant church denied a permit by mayor continues, despite the Supreme Court ruling. Both parties seek support from different Muslim organizations. Bogor – The controversy over Yasmin Church has entered a new phase, both parties are now looking more powerful protection, and the involvement of religious institutions in […]


29 Ahmadi graves desecrated

DUNYAPUR:For minorities in Pakistan, persecution never ends. Even in death, the Ahmadiyya community faces persecution. In a gruesome incident late Saturday night, 29 graves in an Ahmadi graveyard were desecrated in Dunyapur, district Lodhran, around 100 kilometres away from Multan. The community’s spokesperson Saleemuddin told The Express Tribune that unidentified people entered the graveyard and […]


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